Do you enjoy whipping up tasty and unique treats? Our small silicone molds give you the chance to make sweets from all over the world! Work your way through our FREE “6 recipes eBook” with unique recipes from professional confectioners. Make and enjoy sweets like Orange Sweetness, Cookie Joy, Caribbean Dream, Burfi (Indian delight) and English Toffee using the candy silicone mold!

Create hand-made, healthy sweets for your children! All of our attractive designs, including our chocolate molds silicone tray, are made from high-quality, food-grade silicone. You don’t have to worry about cracked or torn candies—the smooth, non-stick surface of our silicone candy molds fat bombs maker makes popping them out super simple. When you’re done, just throw our small silicon molds into the dishwasher and enjoy your unique sweets.

Use your silicone chocolate mold to make mint molds for cream cheese mints, fat bomb molds, chocolate molds, hard candy molds, jello molds, ice cube molds and sugar fondant molds—uses are only limited by your imagination. They have more uses than just a silicone candy mold – invent your own bath melts, gift soaps, and fun crayons.

Each silicon mold is extremely durable, having passed BPA and FDA testing.

Candy making is easy and fun for children. Simply melt your chocolate, fill to the rim of your fat bomb molds silicone tray and cool until firm (approximately 20 – 25 minutes). Now the fun part: turn the truffle mold upside down and lightly press on the bottom to remove your chocolates. Enjoy!


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